There is a call to the wild places that every man seems to hear. The natural man longs to fulfill that call by going deep into the woods or mountains (a favorite of mine), sailing in dangerous seas, space travel, fight clubs, sports or other activities. In and of themselves these may be worthy pursuits.

However, these won’t satisfy the call to the wild places that the man hears. They are clever substitutes.

This call, deep within a man, has been placed there by God Himself. And, only God Himself can satisfy that longing that the call produces. When a man begins to pursue God, he comes face to face with the risen Christ and is forever changed. A longing for another country, to live on the other side of the veil of the natural world is implanted within him. Heaven becomes his home and he is restless until he arrives there.

Father God in His glorious grace gives that man a purpose to occupy him until he arrives in heavenly realms. He is given glimpses of the other side and brings the glory of the heavenly realms into the natural world. Supernatural, spiritual weapons are brought to bear that affect the natural world and demolish spiritual strongholds. Through these things, he begins to live, really live. A spartan, wartime mentality strips away the things of this world because his warrior status has no time for the childish games of little boys who are trapped in grown men’s bodies.

Fellow warriors, unite, fight and live in Christ…together with our wives, children, church families, and other believers. This is the call to the wild and Father is calling you this moment. Let’s do this…together.

Reimagining Biblical Manhood in a 21st Century World